Monday, 8 June 2009

Grafitti in Hongdae

This is from a stunning piece of work from which this photo represents but a small part.

More Character Art from Hongdae

More work under the NANA umbrella and another example of an artist finding his style.

Hongdae Doors

ARS in Hongdae

More Stencil Art from Hongdae

Friday, 29 May 2009

Hongdae Stencils - DOUBLE P

These are some of the most extensive stencils i've found. DOUBLE P has something to say and has found the tools to say it.

This is part of a larger piece but due to a parked car i was unable to get a better shot but i'll be back again to get the whole image in.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hongdae Paste Ups

I finally found some Paste Ups. I seems Korea has got it going on!

Hongdae Character Art Part One

'Nana', I saw this tag a lot and in many genres and styles. This set is under the enormous 'Nana' umbrella. There'll be lots more 'Nana' to come.

Stencil Art in Hongdae Part One

Hongdae in Seoul seems to be the mecca as far as wall arts is concerned. I spent a few hours there this afternoon and was unable to traverse every street and explore every nook and cranny. I'll be back for more. For now however I'll be spending the next few days posting images from today's exploration. First up, a set of Stencil Art of which there was a diverse selection.